Coxmate AA Plus Kit

The AA Plus is a rechargeable audio amplifier plus rate and time functions for club / school crews. It is a low cost and durable unit which is simple to use.

The low cost AA.

The Coxmate AA+ comes with plug in microphone, headband, battery charger, carry case, silicone grease and either waist strap/mount for Dragon Boat version or a ‘donut’ adaptor for Rowing – fits into NK ‘cup’. 

Whist simple to use it is well featured:

  • Large capacity rechargeable battery storage (10x 800mAh NiMH  batteries).
  • Sophisticated battery management to increase battery life.
  • Provides battery status in %
  • Digital amplifier for increased run time
  • Automatic power down if speakers are not connected – avoids accidental flattening of batteries.
  • Automatic retention of volume setting when turned off/on.
  • Short circuit protection of speaker output.
  • Compatible with any of the Coxmate or Nielsen Kellerman ® speaker/loom systems
  • Display shows rate and elapsed time – selectable.
  • Provision  of socket  for connecting radio – enables coach to crew communication via AA+ and speaker system.


AA+-Kit(DB) includes AA, charger, microphone, carry case and waist strap/mount for Dragon Boats
AA+-Kit(Row) includes AA, charger, microphone, carry case and ‘donut’ mounting adaptor for rowing boats.
CH4-SR/SC-Mod-Kit  loom/speakers  for four, includes 2 speakers and seat sensor
CH8-SR/SC-Mod-Kit  loom/speakers  for eight, includes 4 speakers and seat sensor.
DB-4SP/H Loom with 4 speakers for Dragon Boat – can be connected either end to AA
For further information, manuals and service queries please see the Technical Support Page.


Batteries: Charge time approx 10 hours. Run time approx 8 hours
Sealing: All components sealed to IP67
Buoyancy: AA+ floats
Dimensions of AA+:102x95x45 mm
Weight of AA+: approx 270g
Speakers: Up to a maximum of 4 speakers can be connected

EMC:   FCC: Part 15 Class B. CE: EN50081.1:IEC/CISPR61000-6-3:1996 Class B(radiated emissions) and 61000.4.2 2002 electrostatic discharge immunity

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